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Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée is a cooperative bank which provides day-to-day support for communities and its local area in their projects.

"CiviTime is a CSR experience which is packed with content and moments to share and above all fosters employee engagement. CiviTime enabled us to raise awareness on a broad scale by rallying staff over a three-week period around the CSR theme"

Thierry Soulard, CSR Manager


After 2 years spent crafting their CSR strategy, the Caisse Régionale d'Atlantique Vendée decided to devote 2019 to raising awareness among its employees.

Through the CiviTime Serious Game, Crédit Agricole Atlantique wanted to make their CSR initiatives more tangible and accessible for all their employees so that they become fully-fledged ambassadors in this regard.

The team in charge of sustainable development at Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée, particularly Thierry Soulard, CSR Manager, had set themselves two key goals for this awareness-raising campaign :

1- Bring all staff members up-to-date on the subject: "What is CSR" . According to Thierry Soulard, "most employees only tend to see the environmental aspects and forget the need to associate this with the other two aspects: the economic and social pillars!"

2- Communicate about what the Caisse Régionale is doing in practice in terms of CSR in its local area, and above all get all employees playing an active part



Brilliant! A fun and collaborative solution which raised our awareness of the current key issues for the company!


Immersed in a virtual and customised environment, teams had 3 weeks to (re)acquaint themselves with the 8 commitments of the CA Atlantique Vendée’s CSR policy.

Employees challenged themselves through a variety of game formats :

Challenges to be taken up in real life : one of the most commonly taken-up challenges during this entertaining campaign was "I use a mug instead of a disposable cup". According to Thierry Soulard, CiviTime succeeded in involving employees and got them adopting their "0 plastic" operation in a fun way.

Quiz-duels : players competed through questions to do with CSR, whether general or more focused specifically on the CSR issues of Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée.


84 %

of players are keen to take part in a second CiviTime season


active players

85 %

of players say they have learned something about the CSR actions taken by Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée

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