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Opcalia is a skills operator, specialising in support for the occupational sectors and companies in terms of employment, recruitment, training and skills management.

"Opcalia wanted to re-engage its employees and get them playing an active part in its CSR policy thanks to the CiviTime Serious Game, which isn’t necessarily the case when you send an email"

Sabria Duca, HR Innovation Project Manager.


With a view to re-engaging and raising the awareness of all employees in its CSR strategy, Opcalia opted for CiviTime, the Serious Game dedicated to employee engagement. According to Sabria Duca, HR Innovation Project Manager, "the communication means used before CiviTime were conventional : communication about our CSR projects was mainly done by email. This year we wanted our staff to play an active part – which isn’t necessarily the case when you send an email – and so we chose CiviTime."

Opcalia therefore called on CiviTime to help it communicate about the actions it had already set up: in terms of training and working conditions, with the recent roll-out of remote working for example



« Thanks for this educational and entertaining campaign. A great idea for raising our awareness of the CSR actions taken by Opcalia »


In order to promote their European Sustainable Development Week 2019 campaign, Opcalia designed its virtual universe "which looks a bit like the Sims", in Sabria Duca’s words, by depicting its internal stakeholders in the game. By working together with the project managers and game designers at CiviTime, Opcalia’s CSR team was able to customise all of its content in the Serious Game: in just three weeks, the game was ready, and staff began to tackle challenges and quiz-duels.

According to Sabria, "the game helped build team cohesion and exchanges... Employees became aware of our CSR pledges whilst having fun. In terms of challenges, 50% of participants kept up their good practices for the planet once the game had ended"



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