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France Boissons, a subsidiary of the Heineken Group since 1987, is the leading drinks distributor for catering & hospitality professionals and has around 3,000 employees.

« CiviTime has engaged staff at France Boissons in the company’s key CSR issues, in an appropriate yet entertaining way through the serious game. The staff have felt involved and well versed in the strategy and actions taken. »

Yasmine Slaoui, Head of Sustainable Development at Heineken and France Boissons


For European Sustainable Development Week, the CSR team at France Boissons were looking for “a sort of alibi”, in the words of Yasmine Slaoui, Head of Sustainable Development at Heineken and France Boissons, to communicate on their sustainable development policy.

France Boissons wanted to promote this flagship CSR event, but above all make their CSR initiatives more tangible and accessible for employees so that they become fully-fledged ambassadors in this regard.



The principle is perfect and the interface fantastic. I let myself get caught up in the game and I learnt about some of the CSR initiatives taken by France Boissons. I would love to do it again. Thanks!


Supported by project managers, graphic designers and our game designers, France Boissons’ CSR team conjured up its virtual ecosystem by depicting its internal stakeholders (catering & hospitality clients, town councils, associations, etc.). 

For four weeks, employees at France Boissons got to grips with the different CSR issues taken up by their company: responsible alcohol consumption, guidelines in cafés, hotels & restaurants, role of associations in the towns and villages of France with which France Boissons works, etc.

"We really wanted to showcase the full range of actions that France Boissons is doing in terms of sustainable development. The idea was to demonstrate the scope of action carried out by France Boissons, and to develop our staff’s engagement around our CSR projects in a fun way”, explains Yasmine Slaoui.


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players found the content constructive and say they have learned something about their company’s CSR policy.

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